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Building a better community in Ontario Canada.

Construction Ontario is a leading construction and renovation service provider in Ontario. Our in-house trades and reliable contractors do quality work and are committed to workplace safety. We proudly provide prompt, professional and friendly service. We have a renowned reputation for delivering inovative, quality, cost efficient projects on time and on budget.

Rebirth and Repulse Project is a community building project that we offer to help people who need help with settling down in their lives such as those with mental problems, homeless people, drug addicts etc. Since mental hospitals and drug rehabilitation camps isolate these people from normal life, it is our mission to bring them back to their normal life.

“We provide every support we can to continually finish projects and put the needy to normal life. With Rebirth and Repulse Project, we have helped lots of employees to get government subsidies house, education support and have put them back with their families. This project is unique, because we provide needy people with jobs in construction and renovation. Every day we sit down with them to discuss their problems during lunch and try to make this job a lifetime good experience. We do not put any pressure if they don’t feel like working. We keep them in tranquility and peace. It is our love, respect and sincerity towards them. We have seen that over the due course of their time spent with us, working and then moving into their newly built homes and families, they tend to come back to their normal lives. This is how we feel our mission is accomplished.” – REZA SATTAR | FOUNDER



In today’s increasingly challenging construction market, we are adept at tailoring different approaches to meet renovation & construction needs and deliver successful projects. We are a construction company capable of taking on any project, large or small. Our services include:

  • General Contracting
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Design/Build
  • Home Renovation


Construction Ontario
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